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TENS OF THOUSANDS of people have already been inspired by Pastor Brian’s life story. Today, your church or group can benefit as well…nothing captures an audience’s attention and touches their hearts like a passionate, well told, life-changing story.

His remarkable journey to the heights of his profession is a reminder of how the Lord God in His ever present love and mercy can transform one’s life.

Let Pastor Brian take you on an eye-opening journey by his powerful life story. Hear his riveting story of his childhood as a product of a bitter custody battle and the Los Angeles gang culture through the personal challenges as a teenage prisoner serving a LIFE SENTENCE to his new life as a solid, law-abiding citizen, husband, father and pastor of a fast growing church in Long Beach, CA.

Learn how the Holy Spirit touched the heart of a young rebellious boy, age 16, an ex-street gang member-turned-pastor and enabled him to stand strong on the frontlines for Jesus Christ, facing horrific opposition and impossible odds in the darkness of prison for 16 years before his miraculous release.

Pastor Brian can also minister on subjects such as power of perseverance and faith.

Contact Pastor Brian today to invite him: 562-900-6430 or brian@youngmanarise.com

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