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Brian V. Warth tells his personal story of being born into a life dominated by gangs and violence. This young man was eventually dealt a life sentence in prison, at the age of sixteen. In his new book, Young Man Arise! Brian V. Warth reminds readers that, by God’s grace, they can rise above any situation—regardless how terrible. The author’s life mission has been to provide fresh hope to those bombarded with despair.

“Young Man Arise! is a modern day David and Goliath story,” states the author. “You have all the makings of an epic come back story: a fallen teen, life in prison, the world famous California governor, and a major miracle of restoration.”

Brian V. Warth shares his expertise, “I’ve lived this story out. I’ve walked through hell on earth, and by God’s grace, have risen without the stink of it on my life. Now, as the lead pastor of a fast-growing church, I am ministering the same fresh hope to thousands of others who have been broken by despair, as I was.”

You can purchase Young Man Arise! here.

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