In 2019, our Free Methodist Church, USA family will have a historic election. We’ll be electing three bishops at the same time. The election is also major because we demonstrate our values by who we select.

For years, FMC has proclaimed freedom for all. Freedom for the poor to be empowered. Freedom for women to lead at all levels of ministry. And freedom from classism and racism.

Yet, we have only elected to the bishopric Caucasian males – for like 150 years. We’ve had many gifted bishops that have lead us well. But certainly, we have a female or someone of color qualified and gifted to lead us as a bishop. Such a leader should be one of our new bishops, least we run the risk of losing our credibility in an increasingly diverse and cynical society.

I urge our delegates nationwide to send as a candidate for bishop a qualified and gifted female or person of color.