We all want our churches to grow – I hope!
I’m thankful to God that Chapel of Change has grown and is still growing.
Our vision is to reach 1000 in Sunday worship and currently we average about 750.
We have a ways to go but we’re going.

Here are some tips I have learned that will help you break the 200 mark.

1. Pray to get a vision to break 200
You need to want to break 200 first.
It’s not going to just happen.
Believe it or not, there are some pastors that don’t want to do it.
They may say they want to, but their actions prove otherise.

2. Start a Second Service
A second service gives people options.
If you just have a 10am service, you will be cutting out a lot of people who may need to go at 12 noon.
And don’t wait until your first service is totally full.
We didn’t start our second service because our first one was full.
We started it to help us break the 200 mark.

3. Launch a Great Children’s Ministry
In a church plant, you count everyone who moves.
Therefore, in that 200 should be about 60 or so children.
That means you need to invest in a Children’s Ministry Leader.
And you need equip your children’s ministry.

Now get to work and break that 200 mark.

Let me know if these tips helped you.

Cheering for you.

In His Grip,
Pastor Brian Warth
July 24,2017