I’m excited that the church I get to serve as lead pastor is not an ordinary church.
Chapel of Change is different in many respects.
Today I celebrate our ethnic diversity.

No matter who you are, if you walk into Chapel of Change, chances are you will see someone who looks like you.
This reality didn’t happen by accident.
And it didn’t happen by prayer only. Did that shock you?

Your church or ministry can also be multi-ethnic.
In our age, I would dare say it should be.

Here are some tips to help move your church or ministry to become more diverse.

1. Befriend someone who looks different than you.
This should not be hard in the day we live in.
If all your friends look just like you, you’re not loving like you should.

2. Pray that your church starts looking your local high school.
If people from different backgrounds are driving to your local school,
they can also drive to your church.

3. Disciple someone who doesn’t look like you.
This is the best way to raise up future leaders.

4. Look to hire someone who doesn’t look like you.
I get irked when I see pastors always hiring someone that looks like them.
And then they have the nerve to say they’re praying that their church becomes more diverse.
This is probably the best way to diversify your congregation.

5. Keep praying.
But pray more that you have the courage to take these steps.

It’s critcal that our churches start to become more diverse.
The mono-ethnic church will soon loose its credibility in a multi-ethnic world.

In His grip
Brian V. Warth
May 4, 2015