4 Top Ministry Lessons of 2014

2014 went like a whirlwind.
Our baby church experienced major growth pains.

In 2013 we had one Sunday Celebration; 2014 we grew to four.
In 2013 we had one campus; 2014 we grew to two.
In 2013 we had no permanent facility; 2014 we purchased a 400 seat church on 2.3 acres.

Needless to say, I have learned a lot in a little time.

1. I really need to pray more.
This is more of a confession than a lesson, but it’s true.
I need to pray more and then I need to pray even more than that.
My strength is my weakness.
I have a tendency of moving forward in the strength of my gifts more than the strength of my prayer.
Thank God for my wife who helps to keep me on my knees.

2. Sheep bite really hard.
I read this somewhere but I really learned it in 2014.
Some say I am a glutton for punishment but it’s really just my shepherd’s heart.
I really believe in people and love giving chances.
But sometimes my compassion blows up in my face.
I accepted the nature of urban ministry, which will break my heart at times.

3. I go further with a team.
Ministry people say all the time, “You must be really swamped with all that is happening!”
The truth is I am not.
Not because I am this spiritual Hulk Hogan, but because we have a great team.
This happened in part because of the selflessness of our mother church Light & Life NLB.
But I also worked hard at recruiting people to partner with me in our mission.
I’m not trying to do everything, nor am I trying to be the Lone Ranger.

4. Facebook is a cool ministry partner.
If you follow me at all, you’ll soon see I post a lot on Facebook.
I mainly post about the life of our church.
We love to tell the story of what God is doing in and through us.
And we love to celebrate every inch we take for the Kingdom.
It has paid off hugely because there is power in storytelling.
People have been drawn into our story and now it’s their story!

Check out our 2014 ReCAP video here.

In His grip,
Pastor Brian Warth
January 8, 2015